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1. Determine your target audience and make a message that speaks to them. This step is the most important but also the one that people are least likely to do. Some common questions are:

Is my target audience primary male, female, or both?

What is the age range of my typical prospect?

How does this audience generally talk? Professionally? Relaxed?

Where on the internet can these people be found?

2. Make sure your content speaks to their problem. Determine what the most common problem is that your product can solve. Detail the problem in your content and show sympathy and/or empathy for that problem. Make the person think that you understand their problem better than they do.

3. Tell the prospect why there current remedy for the problem will not work. Try to put yourself in the customers shows and anticipate how they are going about solving their problem. Explain why this approach is not likely to work. You can also mention here why a competitor’s remedy for the problem will not work. Another thing to consider is their likely objections to your product. Make sure you solve these problems as well.

4. Show how you can solve their problem. Make sure you show that your solution is quick, easy, and relatively painless compared to them doing it on their own or going to a competitor. Definitely include reviews of your solution or testimonials from other satisfied clients. Try to find reviews and testimonials from the same target audience as step 1 so that your prospects will feel included and understood.

5. The final step is to make the offer. You have brought them to the point of buying so now is the time to sell. You can explain your pricing here. Add in any guarantees or other ways that you can mitigate the risk of them trying your product. Is money the real worry here or is it something else?

I believe that these principles work when used together. Many people want to jump in at principle 5 and start selling but your best results will come from starting at step 1 and working your way down the list.
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It is said that web sites are so easy to manage and keep up-to-date that virtually anyone with a Web browser and an Internet connection can edit their web site. In fact, anyone will tell you that you need no programming or HTML experience to manage your site. Therein lies the problem! Once a web design company has handed over a finished site to a client, they go crazy and add new text and images and the whole thing ends up looking quite different to what the designer had in mind and, instead, has a really ‘up to date’ feel about it.

Caution: If you want your web site to stay the way it was when you had it designed - don’t try to do it yourself. Let your designer update it.
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Is your business not appearing in Google Searches? This short video may help. www.youtube.com/watch?v=77yXqG0-DPk ... See MoreSee Less

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