Over the years of surfing on the web I have found numerous examples of people saying that you shouldn’t use the word “here” in a textlink etc. Personally I like the idea of using the word, because it is so straightforward for your visitors to know where to click.

There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that website visitors don’t read, they scan. They scan for links to find the link they want to click on next. If your link says “click here” and the user has to read the text around the link to find out what it is for, you are adding to their cognitive load, meaning they are less likely to continue on.

The same thing holds true for “Click here for special offers” and “For special offers, click here”. You are still adding to the users’ cognitive load because now your links have additional words that are completely unnecessary.

Make the complete sentence the link and not just a word or two. For example do this – Click HERE for info about the Pet Food Pantry. From the word Click to the word Pantry is linked.