One of the biggest mistakes by small businesses is not utilizing the tools they have.

One of the biggest tools people often miss is social media. Here are a few reasons why, if you aren’t using social media for your business, you are losing out to your competitors;

– A strong branding presence: if I search a product and there is no website, no Facebook group or page or any other social media, then I’m not going to remember your item and product.
– Get great cost per click: While a lot of you may have used Google Adwords (and often I hear people complaining that they spent tonnes of money without any results), Facebook can be a great tool. Facebook’s cost per click is 10% of the Google Adwords price.
– Insights: It gives you a clear insight into what products your customers love. The like and share buttons are very visible to your customers, and they can easily use it to show yo what they like – and you can post more of this content.

Now, doing pay per click via Facebook isn’t as straightforward as just adding the URL to your website and hoping people buy your product, there’s lots more to it. To learn more, send me an e-mail at