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Our Approach To Social Media Thrives Where The Norm Struggles

Social media campaigns have become so standardized that we see most businesses taking the same content focused approach. As long as we create content, we are moving forwards right? Wrong. Engagement is essential, however it is not a sole factor to be considered. We refer to social media as social networking because it’s orientated around networking.

It’s not just about creating great content, it’s about joining the larger conversation and crossing paths with new people. A digital marketing agency may network in entrepreneurial and business support communities, while a plumber on the other hand would benefit from networking communities for the general public of their local area. There are networking opportunities for all of us via social media.

Our strategy is focused around networking, which is why we have achieved such consistent results for our clients. Not only providing record high impression reach, but incredible conversion rates too as a result of our interaction and engagement with these audiences. We’re taking social media back to basics and giving your brand a voice within your targeted demographic.

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